this is an update.

hello you interesting men and women of the inter nots. i suppose now is time to tell the story of my life. first i was born. now i am here with you. is happy day.

the egyptian note has been translated by my good friend Mo Hammed, er i mean Mo Saeidi. this is good since i have kept this message for two years without knowing what it said. the note was sent by my brother and sister-in-law, although it was written by a hotel desk clerk named George. Mo wins a jar of cranberry jam. i will post pictures of the jam being made! you will like it Mo. i tried it before, it’s very good.

the winning entry reads: Dear Daniel, Egypt is wonderful. People are so nice. I hope you’ll be able to read this. if not, you can get your money back. With love…. Tamara and Hadi i am glad to finally read this note. i will not have to get my money back.

instead i will make money and create beautiful designs with desktop publishing software. i have been doing that this week. it was a wonderful experience! i spent many hours fiddling with text boxes in quark xpress. i learned many things from the kind people who worked with me. sadly, it is a temporary position. i may not return next week. we shall see if they have enough work to give me.

have you heard that there is a reflection meeting tomorrow in ottawa. this is fascinating and wonderful. our excellent emcees Martin and Jessica will entertain us to no end. this meeting will take place at the Jack FreeCell, er i mean Jack Purcell Centre, right by the elgin street diner. it will take place at 1:30 p.m. be amongst us on this very special day. perhaps on my good friend Martin’s website you may find up to the minute news flash.

have you heard that there is a hallowe’en party tomorrow at the home of my good friend Vafa. come share the company of many goofy persons at this joyous event. it will be made even more joyous by the fact that all will be in costumes of musketeers and lumberjacks and other frightful things. surely on Vafa dot tk you may find updates of a frightful nature.

visit the website of my good friend Arash, because he works at a desk and tells jokes to people who peek inside his cubicle.

visit the website of my good friend Dave also, for he is a man with a cause and many effects.

visit the website of my father. he is strange. i love him anyway.

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  1. Hey there Dan. Just to clarify the note, you should mention that at the time it was written you were taking an arabic class and the joke was that you should be able to read the note yourself or apply for your money back! I’m not sure if it is the Egyptian dialect, but Mohammad (not George – he was the consierge) was to write soemething along those lines.

    At least you finally know what it says!


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