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Ottawa being an “A” cluster and all isn’t just a fancy way of saying that we’re cool. It also means that we’re ready to take on the challenges surrounding the sustained growth of the Bahá’í community. One of these, of course, is teaching — and Ottawa youth have already made a good effort in teaching through the Tristan Schuurman Junior Youth Project (see the photos here). Another challenge that comes to us now is responding to the call for pioneers. Going out to pioneer somewhere can mean going overseas for a semester to study, joining up with a teaching or development project somewhere where help is needed, spending three months in a different country in order to gain work experience — whatever. If you’re a Bahá’í youth, you can call a year of service pioneering.

So what’s up with all this? Well, the Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Ottawa has organized a “Spirit of Pioneering” conference this weekend, Sunday, September 12, 2004, from 9 AM to 5 PM (lunch included). It’s at 900 Dynes (Dynes runs between Prince of Wales and Fisher), in the Party Room. Why should you go? Well, besides the free lunch, you’ll learn about the pioneering needs all across the world, and get the opportunity to discuss with members of the Auxiliary Board and Spiritual Assembly just how you could smoothly integrate the praiseworthy act of pioneering into your life. Pioneering is a life-changing experience, one that you will remember your entire life. It’s worth the effort to organize it, even for as little as a semester of your school year, or the time of a summer vacation. For more information about the Spirit of Pioneering conference, consult your copy of Bahá’í Ottawa.

In other news, it’s Ayafor’s birthday today. Happy birthday Aya! Mad props. In case you don’t know Ayafor, he’s a very warm and caring human being, and also the snooker and pool champion of Ottawa. Don’t forget to wish him a happy birthday!

In still other news, the remnants of Hurricane Frances just chundered through Ottawa and is now beating the bejeezus out of Montreal and the province of Quebec (english), causing rather tragic traffic accidents (english). I cancelled an appointment today because it was just raining too much. It’s 2 PM and it still hasn’t let up. Today is a bad day to leave your car windows open.

And in even more news, I’m getting ready to visit friends in Trois-Rivières and in my old pioneer post of Victoriaville over the weekend. The Bahá’ís in Trois-Rivières are starting up a study circle, so I’m busing down to support them — and in the meantime I’ll be visiting my good friends Geneviève and Craig in Victoriaville. It’ll be the first time since I moved back to Ottawa that I’ll be coming back to the area where I served as a pioneer. I’m feeling a little emotional about it but I think it should be alright. I’m looking forward to seeing my old friends again. I’ll be taking photos and will probably put some of them up in my quebec scrapbook.

Holy moly, I’m all newsed out. Talk to you guys later!

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  1. hey all – I am in Trois-Rivieres right now, staying with Jeremy Barr (originally from Labrador), hanging out and eating pancakes. We’re chillin until Sunday night when we have a meeting to begin a study circle of Ruhi Book 1 with Baha’is in Trois-Rivieres (the first of its kind in Trois-Rivieres!!!! WORD UP!) If any of you have a prayer to spare (or two), please do so!!

    aaight peace – back on tuesday. Watch this space for the photos.

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