family gathering in magog :)

hey that was cool! Catherine, Dad and I drove down to the beautiful town of Magog, Québec for the day, to meet with my Uncle Ralph and Aunt Florence, who were on their way back to Ohio from their week-long vacation in Maine. It was lots of fun, we got to catch up on a lot of news. I found out that my cousin Russ is doing very well for himself in the broadcasting business — he and his family are living in North Carolina and all of them are buzzing with activity. For example, his wife Anita and daughter Lindsay just returned from a Christian missionary trip in England, Ireland and Wales. Russ has a website: check it out! My cousin Becky is living in Illinois, near Chicago, and recently gave birth to a new baby boy, Zachary. I saw lots of photos (and, luckily, brought over a photo album of my own to show Ralph and Florence recent photos of Zea, Hadi and Tamara‘s daughter)

Ok, I’m tired now. I’m going to bed. But I’ll leave you with one picture (more to come, probably soon next week). This is a nice little thing we saw outside the McDonald’s in Magog, which is just across from the hotel where Ralph and Florence are staying tonight.


translation: thank you

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