Big ups to Kamran the karma man and to all the friends who helped to make today’s picnic in Sector 9 a resounding success. An estimated 50+ people showed up during the event, which was held starting at 11 AM in Vanier’s Riverain park (aka River Road park). Activities included volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, tug-of-war, jump-rope, and of course the ubiquitous card games. The atmosphere was completed by a trunkload of phat beats from around the world, and lots and lots (and lots) of food — corn, hot dogs and sausages, chicken, burgers, salad, Persian rice, and watermelon. Practically all the city’s sectors were represented, with Bahá’ís and their friends mingling, socializing and having an all-around excellent time. Two thumbs up to the Sector 9 picnic – let’s see if Sector 8 (Downtown Ottawa & Rockcliffe) can beat that next Sunday!

Photos from today will be up soon – in the meantime, here’s a b-ball picture (complete with kamran on a moped):

bball and moped

What’s next? Why, look out for the Tristan Schuurman Junior Youth Teaching Project next weekend, starting @ 7 PM on Friday night with an evening with the funny, engaging and wildly popular Chelsea Dance Workshop. Activities will all be taking place in Sector 9 (so, Vanier and area), and will also include a devotional meeting Sat. afternoon, a fireside chat and discussion group on Sat. evening, and The Coffeehouse on Sun. evening.

The project is run and planned by Ottawa Bahá’í youth, and is focused on junior youth — that is, youth of about 10-15 years of age. You won’t want to miss this – it’s the first initiative of this kind in Ottawa in recent memory, and certainly the first teaching initiative since the Ottawa cluster gained “A” status. This is a challenge to all the Bahá’í junior youth in Ottawa: We DARE you to come to the teaching project, to invite all your friends, to PACK our houses with people. We can fit in ALL of you. Go ahead, WE DARE YOU!

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