ta da!

welcome to the newly redesigned doberman pizza – at your service. take a look around and explore; I hope you like it! lots of things have been added and/or shuffled about to make them stand out more. some of the new things you’ll notice are: the photo of the week, on the sidebar; my portfolio with links to websites I’ve created; the scrapbook, which houses my photos and videos of various events, people and places; and the help section, which houses a site map and FAQ (as well as a brief introduction about me). Of course, many old standards remain, such as: the pokéname generator (the highest-traffic part of this website); Find The Beagles; the CABS slang glossary; and, of course, my photoblog. All of these are accessible on the “misc” page — and, of course, my photoblog is accessible on the sidebar. A couple of other things are in the works, most notably a site that deals with Bahá’í pioneering goals: presenting goal areas and giving information about them that might interest those willing and able to offer service as travel teachers or pioneers to help fulfill the Canadian Bahá’í Community’s homefront and international goals. Drop by often in the next month for more news on that.

What else can I say? I really hope you enjoy the new layout. If you find anything that doesn’t work or that seems like it could use improvement, don’t hesitate to send me your comments by clicking on the link at the top of the sidebar. I appreciate all the feedback I can get as I work to perfect my website and adapt it to the people who visit it.

Ok, that’s it. Marketing spiel over. I’m going to bed. Happy August 1st 😉

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