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hey everybody. it’s a busy weekend for me and mine, and undoubtedly for you and yours too. tonight catherine and I are having a phat CABS potluck at our place, 6:30 PM until who knows when (last one we had went until ~11PM). come and chill, eat nice food, be together, and discuss blistering topics of vital import. maybe we’ll have a renaming competition to come up with a better name for our place than “Ghetto Lookout”. Any suggestions?

then on saturday it’s meetings with various people for me, related to children’s classes and — gasp! — work! Diana Cartwright and I are supposed to meet on Saturday to discuss the children’s classes we’ll be giving come September at her place (and hopefully I can finally get an idea of how to transfer my Ruhi Book 3 skills into practice). I’m also supposed to meet up with my mom, who has graphic design contracts coming out of her ears and might be ready to have me come in and help her out. That’s definitely a work in progress so please keep checking back for more news. It would be really great to start working again, even on a contract basis.

Also on Saturday, Andrew and Homa are getting married! Best wishes to the both of you guys… I’m really happy for you!! Hehehe. It puts the pressure on the rest of us of course… it’s the “all-my-friends-are-getting-married” syndrome. Of course, some of us are more heavily afflicted by this syndrome than others…

Then on Sunday, there’s another all-day session of Ruhi Book 5. That should be neat. Hopefully I won’t be too tired and I will be able to attend. It’s basically a sequel to Ruhi Book 3 — “Year 2” of children’s classes.

Also interesting, my friend Jeremy from Trois-Rivières (originally from Goose Bay, Labrador) will be visiting family in Ottawa for the weekend, and hopefully we will be able to hook up. Jeremy, if you’re visiting my site, leave me a comment to let me know where I can call you (or call me if you still have my phone #).

I’ve been reading a book of Tahirih’s poetry recently. No, not Tahirih Naylor, but her namesake, Táhirih, renowned as a poetess, champion of women’s rights, and follower of The Báb and Bahá’u’llah. Her poems are very beautiful, very mystical, lyrical, and filled with spiritual power. They’re inspiring, too. Reading her poems is making me want to start writing poems again. Who knows, it might do me some good. I might post a few of them up on this blog every now and then, so keep your eyes open for that, too. If they take off, then perhaps we’ll organize a Beatnik Poetry Jam Session at our place sometime. You’ve been warned.

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