omg phat teaching project

Wow what a phat time we had over the weekend! the Tristan Schuurman Junior Youth Teaching Project was a success, that’s clear. Many many many photos were taken and will be put up over the next week. What’s more, I’ll be working on a wrap-up video of the teaching project — perhaps to present at the next reflection meeting?

Highlights of the project included Friday’s awesome dance workshop presentation by Oneworld, the Chelsea Dance Workshop (and also by members of Soulstorm, the Montreal Dance Workshop), the 3 seekers at the discussion/fireside on Saturday, the 3 seekers from Chelsea that were with us for two days, and the almost 50 youth and junior youth at The Coffee House on Sunday night. Several participants in the Project indicated their interest in taking part in junior youth study circles – nice!

More comments when I post up the photos – it’s pretty late and I need to sleep. I was up until 4 AM with Martin and co. on Sunday night/Monday morning (which is why I didn’t post an update on Monday).

Also, watch this space for news about my upcoming weekend-long trip back into Quebec!

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