today, I got an email from the Baha’i Institute Board of Québec, thanking me for the service I performed as area coordinator when I was pioneering in Drummondville. I printed it out and stuck it onto my blackboard/filing cabinet, along with the card full of love that the Spiritual Assembly of Drummondville sent me to express their thanks for the service I rendered to the Bahá’í community there. I’ll make that my gratitude wall – not just because people have been grateful towards me, but because I am so grateful to have rendered service, no matter how hard it may have seemed at the time.

In other news, my family and I are going out to Magog for the day tomorrow, to visit my uncle Ralph who’s been vacationing in Maine (I think, or Vermont – can’t remember which). I’m looking forward to it; it’s been two years since I’ve seen my aunt and uncle. These days we seem to meet in Quebec a whole lot. That’s funny.

God bless you all.

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