more interesting search terms

people really have interesting ways of finding this website. it’s been a little over a month since I last took stock of interesting search terms, and since then there have been some doozies, including:

  • Is God doing the pizza place
  • How long will I need to post my dobermans ears
  • roxy’s cheesecake in times square
  • working at Loblaws
  • picture of doberman with a wheelchair (not in a wheelchair, I hope)
  • peoples feeling about pizza
  • how do i know when to pick cucumbers
  • what in the hell do i want to do with my life
  • pizza themed fiction (that’s what we call “niche literature”)
  • got sick from your pizza
  • Baha’i youth year of service stories
  • do Bahais eat babies? (…speechless at this one)

that’s it for now… check back tomorrow for a major update!

P.S.: No, Baha’is don’t eat babies. Whoever told you they do was probably joking around with you (or was misinformed).

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