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So, yesterday, I biked over to Counsellor Masrour’s meeting with the Bahá’í community in Gatineau. Very cool, and very informative. The Counsellor is really very friendly and has a lot of amazing experiences to share from his travels in South America — Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, etc. Basically last night was a consultation with the Bahá’ís of Gatineau about all sorts of things, from what they liked about the Five Year Plan, to how they should go about developing children’s classes, to what sort of role youth and junior youth should have in the life of the Bahá’í community, to how to be more inclusive to the general public and open up Bahá’í activities to the population of the world. He brought nothing but encouragement and love and showed a whole lot of wisdom and humility. Apparently he also had the chance to meet with the Spiritual Assembly in Gatineau (as well as those of Chelsea and La Pêche). What a great idea, and what an honour for them. If you haven’t heard yet, the Counsellor will also be coming to Ottawa tonight, to meet with the Bahá’í community in our very own Sector 9, at 40 Landry. Please, all of you, consider coming out, ESPECIALLY youth and junior youth. You WILL get a lot out of it! It starts at 7:30 PM (as usual).

In other news, a friend of mine, whom I met in Victoriaville during my year of service, is on vacation in Ottawa! I thought that was pretty cool. She’s from Romania, and she was posted at the Centre Emmaüs in Victoriaville for a pastoral exchange program when I joined the gospel choir. I haven’t seen her for like a year and a half.

OK, more later. Thanks for dropping by!

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