aaahhhh so that’s what was happening.

Several visitors have left comments to tell me what happened to make my website so popular in Australia. Apparently it was mentioned on a pop radio station based in Sydney (I think), during a weekly feature on interesting websites, particularly in relation to the pokéname generator. Which is why Australian search engines were suddenly drenched with a bunch of requests for “pizza sandwich” and other variations on the same theme. Well that was really cool to know. When I scribbled up the pokéname generator four years ago I never expected that it would be getting press all the way across the world, and on the radio no less. So Kudos to 2Day FM and The Hot Hits (6-9 PM, Sydney time). As we say around these parts, you’re money.

More later – I’m really tired right now. And people are gonna come wake me up early tomorrow, boo hoo 🙁

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