memory lane

Did you know that I’ve been maintaining this website since March 1994? That means that this year is doberman pizza’s 10th anniversary. It’s gone through many changes of purpose and design to become what it is today. Many features have been added and still more have faded into obscurity. Anyway, to celebrate this auspicious occasion (and to whet your appetite for the upcoming redesign on the 1st of August), I’ve put together a little trip down memory lane, showing some of the designs this site has gone through over the years. I hope you like them.

past features:

  • Ottawa Concert Listings (the first ever on the Internet, back in 1994!)
  • Short stories and poems
  • Guestbook / User Comments
  • The People’s Story (an add-to story)
  • Pizza-themed Web-board
  • and more…

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