interesting search terms

so I’ve installed NedStat, a fun little statistics counter, onto my page. you can go check it out by clicking on the little blue graph icon underneath all the buzznet stuff. nedstat gives you a fair bit of info, like where your visitors come from, when they visit, what sort of browser they use, etc. it also shows you how your visitors find your website, and, if they used a search engine to find you, what terms they used. here are some interesting searches used to find my site:

  • cute doberman pics (and variations; ‘doberman’ is the most common search term)
  • reservoir dogs (the second most common search terms… don’t ask me why!?)
  • curly hair (and variations)
  • drumondville talk (sic)
  • baha’i center sherbrooke
  • ruhi tutors in montreal
  • tom selleck baha’i (?!?!?)
  • stephen harper and pets
  • I wanna holler the loud funny words
  • marie-jo therio
  • kashke bademjoon
  • long obligatory prayer how-to
  • it’s a beautiful pizza
  • cogito ergo elk
  • wills of san francisco potato salad (this one left me… speechless)

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