and now for my next number…

the big announcement is that this website will be undergoing a redesign soon. Starting on the 1st of August, the NEW! IMPROVED! doberman pizza will be online, along with some HOT! NEW! features. thanks to a sudden influx of available webspace by a good-willed anonymous donor, I’ll have much more space to put stuff online. among other developments, visitors to the updated site will find: new features developed to serve the Bahá’í community; a clearer, more intuitive and user-friendly layout; and, of course, games!

So, pull up Monday, August 1st, 2004 in your agenda and write a little note to visit the new incarnation of doberman pizza. it does a body good. err, I mean, made from the best stuff on earth. umm, i mean, have you had your break today?…

maybe I should run a slogan contest.

1 thought on “and now for my next number…

  1. What is the Baha’i quote? Guidance hath always been given in words, now it is given in deeds? Make the updates and then tell us. 🙂 You da man.


    (Paying $0.55/min to write this from at sea.)

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