woohoo dead virus

my cold is slowly going away the more I drink water and juice and so on – yay. my sore throat isn’t sore anymore. that’s not really the virus I was talking about, though. the little Pentium 60 MHz that’s been lying around in the corner of my room had a virus in it – W32/Swen@mm, to be precise. I only just found out today, after leaving it out of commission for about, oh, six months? It’s fixed now. yay! I get to have a little machine to work with for my upcoming contract 😉 Ok, granted, a 60-MHz Pentium I rates at about the same level as a toaster oven or a furby by today’s standards, and yes, I know I will have to switch to a newer computer, but hey, at least I have a little toy to play with for a bit and I don’t have to rush too much into buying a PC. BTW, if anyone’s selling a cheap computer (like, Pentium 2 350 MHz and upwards), let me know.

And lastly, here’s the phattest sign hack in the world:

(clam) dip

[found on signs.buzznet.com]

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