martin’s quest to throw good parties

so I’m spending the night with Martin who seems to have a gift for making things sexual. he’s lying here in his bed with a couple of young women in the dark. afshun is leaving for the airport soon. it’s 2 AM and he’s all hepped up on pepsi and chee-tos. his flight is at 6:30 AM. he’s calling his ex-roommate and ex-landlord. he woke them up in the middle of the night to tell them stories. who’s eating the lollipop? martin has glowing christmas lights running along the bottom of his wall. it’s like virginia wolff. I like cheese. it’s 2 AM.

1 thought on “martin’s quest to throw good parties

  1. Yea, this is Martin, the person who can alledgely make anything sexual. Well there were a handful of mitigating circumstances that were present in the alleged prurience at my house, the least reason alone enough to release me from the tight grasp of culpability and lasciviousness. These charges are an affront to my character and to lady justice. Let time and reason be the final arbiters.


    P.S. Dan, you da’ man!

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