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some of you have noticed that there are pictures of the Drummondville/Victoriaville Bahá’ís in this month’s Bahá’í Canada! for the sake of repetition, here are the original colour photos 😉

Ruhi 3 in Victoriaville

Ruhi 3 in Victoriaville.
L to R, back row: Marcelle Turgeon, Gaëtane Carignan-Guerra, Maurice Turgeon. front row: me, Geneviève Allison, Jessika Sévigny.
Some of you have met Jessika. She came to Ottawa with me last year.

Spiritual Assembly of Drummondville

The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Drummondville.
L to R, back row: John Kendall, Patrick Boissinot, me, Jacky Teagaï, Marc Lachance. front row: Denis Laplante, Nicole Lachance, France Marie Sévigny, Natasha Teagaï.

The Ruhi 3 circle was fun. It was actually kind of wierd the way it happened — we started an intensive Ruhi 3 circle during the holidays, and then started another one in February when we noticed that more people wanted to go through the book. This photo is from the one we started in February. It finished at the beginning of May (actually, just before the 12th day of Ridván). We acted up quite a bit when practising the lessons — one person played the role of the teacher, and the others were the children. I acted as co-tutor for the study circle, along with Geneviève (holding the book). We were also the nastiest children. However, we got our due. In the spirit of fairness, we also played the role of teacher for one lesson each. We got housed.

The day we formed the Assembly in Drummondville the spirits were higher than a kite. It was the first time we’d had absolutely everyone in the Bahá’í community together in the same room — and with the arrival of several new pioneers (with three children!) and one youth from Montreal who’d moved back to the area after finishing her studies, the entire community dynamic had changed. It’s helped solidify the community a whole lot, and has been a pick-me-up for the pioneer families who had already been living in Drummondville for many years, waiting all along to form the long-awaited Assembly. And when I say long-awaited, I mean awaited by everybody in Québec for at least 20 to 30 years or more. Even I have no clue how fervently the Bahá’ís had prayed over the years to have an Assembly in Drummondville. Many thanks are due to Bahá’u’lláh and to the Concourse on High. Looks like they’ve had their hands full working for us…

In other news, tomorrow’s the Feast of Mercy. It’s also a civic holiday in Québec, the “Saint-Jean-Baptiste”. There’ll be fireworks tonight – I expect to go see them later tonight. First things first, though. I’ve got some work to do. talk to all you cool cats later. leave comments!

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