kids, don’t try this at home

bike ride of death

since I am of course insane, and a masochist, today I took a bike ride from Victoriaville to Drummondville. Total distance = ~ 55 km. Total time taken (yes you may laugh at me) = ~ 6 hours. the longest stretch was from Saint-Lucien to Saint-Cyrille. I thought I was going to die of exhaustion on the side of the road and become roadkill. the only thing that kept me going was chocolate cookies. I met some nice farmers in Sainte-Séraphine who filled up my water bottle for me. another guy there was on a bike ride too, although he looked in considerably better shape, and he befriended me. someone in Saint-Charles wasn’t looking and bumped into me with his car while coming out of a driveway, but fortunately he was going at like 1 km/h so I didn’t get hurt (and neither did my bike) (and neither did his car). amazing. I need to adjust my bell.

Why did I do this? because I am insane, and a masochist.

Will I do it again? not until I stop walking funny…

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