another packed weekend + reflections

yeaaaaaaaa WOOO lots of news to give! after a long time of waiting, I finally got word that my previous employer at the SADC Nicolet-Bécancour received the approval for funding to continue developing the project I was working on last winter. Which means? I have a job, come the 14th of June! Another contract, this time for around four months. Yay! What else? Well, tomorrow morning (i.e. 4 AM) the Drummondville Bahá’ís will be getting together to commemorate the Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh, at France and Jessika’s place. Afterwards, I’m planning to hitch a ride with Nicole at 7 AM to go to Thetford Mines, to attend the funeral (“funeral celebration” – celebrating the progression of one’s soul from the limited material world to the unlimited spiritual worlds of God) of a Bahá’í friend of ours who had a long, arduous battle with cancer. sunday is our post-national-convention meeting, where we get together and hear what happened at the last Bahá’í National Convention, straight from our devoted delegate.

It’s such a joy. It’s just such a joy to serve and to encourage the friends in our community. I pray that I can do it all my life long, and every day do it better, do it more freely and naturally, do it with more confidence, do it with more selflessness and devotion.

Right now it’s my time to heal. Please, if you can spare a couple of prayers for me, pray that I might have the strength to accept the will of God, the strength to take the actions I need to take, to make the decisions I need to make in order to be able to heal.

I haven’t been saying a lot about it lately but it’s looking more and more probable that I might move back to Ottawa this fall, perhaps to study. It’s a hard decision to make, to come back, because I’ve grown to love this place so much, and there’s so much potential and such a crying need here, I don’t want to leave. Please pray that I might be helped in making this decision.

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