you turkey

Here’s an email I just got over the Quebec Baha’is list. It started out fine and then it got rather humorous so I decided to post it up here to make you all laugh.

Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 1:45 AM

Subject: Wednesday devotional Meeting will be at the Montreal Bahai Centre

To all Baha’is and their friends,

As usual [Joe So-and-so]’s Wednesday devotional gathering will continue after the program of the Celebration of Ridvan at the Montreal Bahai Centre. [Joe] is asking the friends to have potluck supper.

He is making vegetable soup and cooking Turkey for 10 people. Turkey is not the country. It is a kind of a bird like chicken but independant from chicken. Yet it can lay eggs like chicken. He makes sure that the turkey he buys is not cloned. And confirms that all the necessary medical tests were made by a born canadian-turkey docter to allow this turkey to be a landed immigrant in [Joe So-and-so]’s pot. The process of making this landed immigrant turkey a canadian citizen is very simple according to [Joe]. You just have to come and eat it. It becomes part of you as a canadian citizen.

Do not miss this opportunity.

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