wooo cars

transportation is nice but it can be complicated sometimes… jeez. I just worked out a couple of things – like renting a car for work tomorrow. I’ll have a nice… um… was it a hyundai accent? either that or a kia rio or… shudder… a toyota echo. fearsome. oh well. I get paid for my kilometres so it should be fine. I called my insurance company and we worked out a couple of things for my insurance policy – I have a deadline to get another car now… 60 days from today. that’s around about the 21st of june – the first day of summer. so if I don’t buy another car by then, my insurance contract is severed (cos there’s nothing to insure) and I get hated by every insurance company on the planet. okay then. I guess I’ll get a car. It’s useful to have a car anyway, as long as you treat it well. maybe I’ll have to learn how to respect my car (and walk/bike more!)

It’s a nice day today. it’s cloudy, but the sun is shining and it’s cool outside. I’m adapting myself to a new way of working and living… not having a car of my own is pretty different and changes a lot of things… ie I don’t have quite as much freedom to do whatever the heck I want at any time whatsoever… but then it’s a nice lesson in identifying one’s real needs. what do I really need in order to work, to enjoy myself, to feel good about myself?

I miss my bike. It spent the winter in Victoriaville after I lent it to a friend… I’ll be getting it back soon enough, hopefully this weekend – we’ll see. I miss my bike. Not that I hate walking, but… it’s so much fun on a bike. yum, exercise. I’ve got a bike, you can ride it if you like. just call me and we’ll hook it up.

ha ha ha ha ha peace

PS: go see the car I got – it’s niiiice. took it back yesterday with much sadness… but hey… it served its purpose.

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