more photos… and I am working on concepts for a redesign of my site today. at the same time gathering price info for upgrades to my computer – a Yikes! G4 350 mHz. kind of wondering whether it would be safe to upgrade to Mac OS X or whether I should just upgrade to 9 for the time being (until I get a wad of cash to upgrade all my loot)! we’ll see. RAM is apparently pretty expensive right now, and my box takes a type of RAM that’s being phased out. blah. I might choose to upgrade to something a bit more recent – iMac or eMac. save the trouble of shelling out for the RAM and OS upgrades and so forth. the only problem is the software upgrades – but if I can get a trade-in for a newer, faster box under OS X, and I pump it up a little bit, I should be able to run my current software in classic mode (at least until I can upgrade).

hmmm, new photos today. I went out and took some artsy shots in the backyard. oh by the way in case I didn’t mention it I’m back in Ottawa for the time being. Going back on thurs nite. taco supreme. hmm I could use a taco supreme. or zesty nachos. WOOT

BTW: ever seen this? Who needs screensavers…

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