The Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá’ís of Drummondville was formed today (well, yesterday), the 20th of April, after sunset. For the first time in history, Drummondville has a Spiritual Assembly. With the Spiritual Assembly in Victoriaville in no danger of falling (we haven’t received word yet, though… it’s past midnight, of course), that means our cluster is now host to two Spiritual Assemblies – two years ago to this day at this hour, there were none. All this is completely incredible. It’s obviously a gift of grace from God. Praise be, and reco’nize. Thanks Big Guy. Wow. This place is gonna go ablaze with the love of the Kingdom.

Now to the hockey front (you’ll notice I at least got my priorities right): the Sens lost against Toronto tonight… BOO SENS… Come on guys… oh well, at least it took seven games… they put up a good fight. YAY SENS… A+ for effort. Man I sound like one of those fans who everybody hates. lol.

aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh it’s time for bed. have yourself some sweet dreams and get busy praisin the Lord yo. kick it in the ticket. I’m obviously exhausted and incoherent. cheese. photos later

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