digital camera and maple syrup

saturday, mom and dad got me a digital camera as a (late) naw-ruz present. hence the new entries in my buzznet file. woooooooooooo

saturday we also went to a sugar bush for lunch. we ate many things including:

  1. fèves au lard (pork & beans)

  2. saucisses (sausages)
  3. jambon au sirop d’érable (maple-glazed ham)
  4. omelette (omelette)
  5. crêpes (pancakes)


  6. oreilles de crisse (hog jowls)

hog jowls are surprisingly good. of course, you could probably grease an engine with my arteries right now – but hey. oh yeah and we ate a lot of maple syrup and maple taffy in snow WOOHOO! unfortunately I have no photos of the maple experience but you’ll have to content yourself with some terribly cute pictures of my nice niece.

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