hey – check out the latest pictures (1) (2) (3) (4) on we had a devotional meeting at my place tonight and twelve people came, including two Mormon missionaries. isn’t that cool? I love it. I was expecting maybe 3 or 4 people. we were pretty hot and sweaty at one point, too, cos we were all stuck in one room with the door closed and a bunch of candles on (as well as my computer monitor). note to self: keep door open next time. twelve people… jeez… I can hardly believe it. that’s what you call Divine confirmations. the Universal House of Justice encourages us to hold devotional meetings, everybody… so do it! it works!

what’s cool about these devotional meetings is that they’re very experimental and very open. we had a lot of books out in many different languages, from many different religions (Baha’i, Christian, Mormon, Buddhist… and I have more) and people picked and shared what they felt like. we said prayers for people who needed them, asked to remember certain people in our prayers, shared writings and prayers that inspire us, etc. Just whatever you need to share, whatever you’re inspired to share, share it. together we’re learning how the others keep in conscious contact with their Higher Power – and perhaps getting ideas. a bare minimum of rules and guidelines for the overall functioning of the meeting, always in evolution of course as you get more experience holding them. and Baha’is all over the world, led by the guidance of the Universal House of Justice, are holding devotional meetings of every form and shape, in ways that work for them. everyone worships in their own way; everyone connects with God in their own way. wow.

for an explanation of terms go here.

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