neat stuff

here’s my provinces-visited map

my states-visited map

my pitifully empty countries-visited map

and here’s Jean Chrétien rooting for the Cataractes.

Some sample excerpts from my contacts’ MSN nicknames:

Agadou dou dou, pousse l’ananas et mou l’café / Pas de violence, c’est les vacances / hi coquin ça farte?!?!?! / love on the rocks (with no ice) / Ma nouvelle vocation est le demenagement. et j’adoreeeeeeeeeee ca / my first gel electrophoresis awwwww / Ou je réussirai ou l’on me coupera en quatre / 11 days ’til spring!!! / bonne nuit je fait dodo / Chicken Leg – taking a nap / Do you eat to live or live to eat??? I know what I do!!! / When god closes a door He opens a window / My Nizzle Fo Shizzle Vafizzle to the Heezy Fo Sheezy / raspberry beret / we all need somebody to lean on

for those of you curious lot who are interested, here’s my dad’s states-visited map (much more substantial than mine).

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