back in ottttttttttttttttawa

yo what be cookin me homies. I be chillin in the O dot with my parents and the family dog and cat and rabbit. proper. I don’t have all that much to say, it’s just that Hadi and Tamara came to dinner with daughter Zea, and Tamara noted that I haven’t updated my blog in a while. True. well, with two weeks’ downtime, I’ll probably find the time to blog a little more. or maybe I’ll just elect to remain in horizontal locked position until the new year.

Mom’s frantically searching for the remote control. It got lost somewhere in the mad shuffle to babyproof the house before major disasters happened. Well, look at that, she justed walked into the office and it magically appeared in a basket of stuff. who says miracles never happen? Huzzah! eggnog and cookies for all. Life is good and the Oscars are on channel 15!

I just discovered a neat little thing called buzznet – it allows you to post photos online, build a gallery and submit them to your social network for comments, kudos and jibes. Apparently it’s optimized for those newfangled camera-phones, you know, aim your cellphone at something and take a picture. neat. Here’s my first poke at it. It’s a nice way to procrastinate. grrr pro cras tin ate. I have a couple of forms to fill out right now. I think I’ll take some sage advice and procrastinate procrastinating until later. peace out. happy leap day.

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