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Tonight was the first installment of an ongoing monthly devotional meeting / tranquility zone / experiment in applied spirituality, at my place. I did my best to work on the atmosphere: calm, contemplative music, candlelight, several roses (fake ones) adorning the walls, and the hint of pleasant scents of wild apple, raspberry and patchouli. It went well. People seemed to really appreciate the change in atmosphere. We said prayers for a Bahá’í youth who died recently in Montreal, but who had lived in Drummondville for a while and had been good friends with the members of the Bahá’í community. There were also readings about life after death, the nature of the soul and its journey throughout the worlds of God, and so on. I quite liked the moment of contemplation.

Like I said, the experiment will continue as long as it can, and it’ll evolve. The idea is, a place where people can come once a month to reflect, contemplate, share prayers with others, ask for prayers for themselves or friends and loved ones, and listen to inspirational bits of writing, all revolving around the theme of “Tests and Difficulties”. Everyone goes through difficulties right? Sure they do. Everybody has tough spots in their lives, times when they need the support of others, when they need to stop and take stock of where they are and just what the hell is going on. But most often a lot of us just zoom right through each day without taking any time to figure all that out. Ok, I admit, an hour and a half once a month isn’t a whole lot of time to take stock, but it’s what I can give. Plus, it’s an EXPERIMENT.

HAPPY SUPER BOWL SUNDAY ALL YOU FOoTBALL FANZ. I got an email from a friend who said he was going to visit family to “watch the super bowl commercials”. Wow. How could anybody deny that commercials have become high art when people come out and say things like that? Actually, to make a short, non-shameful confession, I rather enjoy watching World Cup commercials, when the World Cup’s on. Football? Enh. Soccer? YAAAAAAAAA. I LOVE SOCCER. IT’S THE BLOOMIN’ IRISHMAN IN ME!

Mom called today, coz it’s her birthday. lol. I called first to leave a message, so there 😉 Anyway yeah I talked with Mom and she seemed real happy. Her and the folks went out and partied today — had breakfast at Chez Cora, and saw Lord of the Rings in the theatre. Good choice. That’s the kind of thing I’d like on my birthday. Much better than mini-golf. Anyway Mom wanted to know how I was feeling too and I told her I was still feeling a little tired, but that I had taken several days to relax and that I felt much better than I did last week. She made me promise to give a heads up when the results of my blood test gets through. So yo, watch this space, I’m gonna pull a Martin and post ’em up on the blog when I get them.

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