a breakthrough!

I know what’s going on.

I know where I’m going.

actually, I don’t have a clue about anything in life.

but I KNOW that I don’t have a clue!

and now I know what’s going on with ME.

now I honestly know what I want to be.

I know what my passion is!

I’ve found my passion!

that’s what’s been going on!

I know now why I had all these strange, incoherent, and often ridiculous experiences. cranberries. coffee. cars. computers.

God has been leading me around through all these hoops, all these tests and trials to get me to listen to my heart, instead of running away from it.

I want to teach.

I want to be a teacher.

I want to help people learn and achieve their best and highest potential.

There’s nothing I want to do more in my life than to teach. Nothing.

And I will stop at nothing to see it done.

finally — I know where I’m going.

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