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wow it feels good to do spinal stretches. everyone should do them. everyone should stretch their spine. you may have no idea how bent up your spine gets when you sit in the same position all day (ie: sitting in your car, sitting in front of a computer, sitting eating your lunch, more sitting in front of your computer, more sitting in your car…) ahhh it just feels good to TWIST it and MANGLE it a bit now and then.

unfortunately there’s no news. it’s still snowing. I’m still stressed because it’s snowing and because I drive home at 60 km/h through said snow. 😛 I want sunshine in the evenings, NOW. hmm… rather presumptuous to demand sunshine like that, isn’t it? as if I owned the world? just watch… God’s gonna buy me a one way ticket to the Sahara desert… and hey, I’ll have to be happy because obviously if I end up in the middle of the Sahara desert, it’s because I needed it.

here’s a ray of sunshine: i dropped in to the public pool this evening — no no, I didn’t literally drop into it, I mean I went to visit the pool — and hey, apparently there’s no membership fee or anything, as long as you live in Drummondville you can just pop in (during appointed hours), pay a humble entry fee, and swim. yay! municipal taxes at work. FUN. I like it. I live right next to the pool. I will go soak my head tomorrow. that will help me de-stress. yay!

more rays of sunshine: I made a commitment to start hosting a devotional meeting. I got sick of waiting for the right opportunity. I need prayers dammit, I need devotional meetings STAT. so yo, off we go, and we’ll see how it goes. it should be a nice way to meet people too. It’s going to be a devotional meeting with “Tests and Difficulties” as a running theme. People will be able to come and just share a little space with other people, pray, ask for prayers for themselves or for others, and be solaced and refreshed. and if the Universal House of Justice says that this is the thing to do, well, it’s gonna work, no matter what. just gotta be patient.

more sunshine: bedtime. good night.

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