haha flu

hey, I just realized today that I’m a contract worker and I can negotiate my hours. so I called into work this morning, told them I had the flu, and asked if I could skip this week and come in next week. they said sure. woo! aaaahhh THAT’S nice. that’s something I’ll miss if/when I get a salaried job. well, there are things like flex-benefits, but… well, I’m not well schooled in such arcane matters. you know, a lot of things are beyond me at this point in my life – legal issues are perhaps the most beyond. I hate legal stuff. I guess I’m the sort of person who likes to see everything settled out of court. Anyway, I digress. Man, I haven’t gotten halfway into my first paragraph and already I’m digressing. This flu must have really messed up my head. I noticed that I was making a lot more typoes yesterday than is usual for me. I was pretty out of it. Hey, I just got a flashback from that movie, you know, “Total Recall”, the one where Arnold Governor of California bums around on Mars and gets messed up by robots and his eyes bug out and all that. I don’t know why. Oh my goodness, I think I’m crazy. No, wait a sec, I think I’m still just out of it. damn flu.

so anyway, I decided to cancel my train ticket and stay in ottawa for a bit, at least until I begin to think straight and until I can breathe properly. I still have a pretty offensive chest cough. It’s all grumbly and stuff. Heh. Medical terms are another set of things that are beyond me.

so, if you’re calling me in drummondville, and you’re wondering why you keep getting my answering machine, it means that you have to call my parents’ number instead. if you want it, email me (or get on MSN messenger).

word to your brethren.

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