four walls

for the past two days I’ve been basically stuck inside my apartment on sick leave because every time I try to walk somewhere or do something, I get tired. wednesday after work I tried to do some grocery shopping… man… I could barely keep walking. I ended up dozing off with my head stuck in some nuts (individual plastic tubs of nuts in the bulk food section). just about the only thing I can do is lie down on my couch/bed/futon and snooze and think about how tired I am. good thing there’s a phone and internet service nearby or I’d be bored out of my head. I guess I could watch movies, too. There’s that three-hour-long “Jesus” movie that someone loaned to me and that I still haven’t watched. I dunno. I think I’d have to be in a rather particular mood to watch that one.

anyway. this isn’t “normal” tiredness, would you agree? I mean, after a day of sitting upright in front of a computer at work, I get home and bam – no energy whatsoever. motionless 65-kg lump.

Hadi (muh bro) will be going to Halifax next week (read about it on Tamara’s website). He was in Saskatoon last week. Damn that’s cool. It must be nice working for the National Gallery. You get to go all over Canada in planes and stay in nice hotels. Zea (Hadi and Tamara’s daughter) is around thirteen months old now and is saying things – disconnected things, but definitely things. Apparently she likes to sit on Hadi when he gets home. hehehe. Ayyam-i-Há is coming up (in a month!)… perhaps a nifty gift for a nifty niece is in order. Giving gifts is fun. Especially when nobody’s in the malls because the Christmas season was months ago.

I’m getting tired (grrrr) so I’ll see you all around. everything is just upside down and sideways… whatever this malady is, I hope it’s gonna go away. hopefully it’s some combination of stress, weather, cold, and fairy dust. anyway. let’s be positive and optimistic. sunshine and lollipops. blue flowers. TUBS OF ICE CREAM HO HO HO

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