got the flu 😛

had a fever of around 102 yesterday, dizziness, just generally messed up. it’s gone down today. phlegmy chest cough, runny nose, congestion, headaches. damn flu. grrrr. arrgghh. grumble grumble. oh well. at least I didn’t catch Ebola, or flesh-eating disease, or AIDS. There’s always a sunny side to life isn’t there?

anyway, I’m gonna be preparing myself to go back home tomorrow. I’ll be taking Monday off at work to continue recuperating. I did some banking today. I think I should be okay to handle the fallout from the accident – I just hope there’s no legal wrangling owing to the fact that the car was leased. I checked my messages tonight, and my insurance company called on christmas eve (!) to tell me the inspector had passed to see my car (!!!), and that the car is repairable (woohoo). great! now I get to take advantage of the services of Mr. Hertz in St-Hyacinthe – the guy who has connections at the Toyota dealership. yum yum.

I get the feeling I’m going to look back at all this and laugh. This has been the most out-of-control vacation I’ve ever had. It starts out with a car accident, ends with a flu, and each day I have no clue what I’m going to be doing. I think it’s done me some good. I mean, even when things are almost totally out of my control, everything still turns out all right. Thanks, God.

cough cough cough cough cough. sniffle. sigh.

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