last night Vafa, Martin and his brother Brian, Homa, Catherine and I chilled with Andrew at his place at Lees, staying up til like 4:30 am playing Roake, a variant of a Persian version of Hearts. I was reduced to utter humiliation when I tried to show my skills at the Persian version only to find out that the rules to Roake were completely different. Oops. After a while I picked it up. Strange things happen to your mind when you stay up until four in the morning. Let’s just say that the most memorable part of the night ended up being Andrew’s plastic container full of salted cashews. Anyway Martin took many pictures so they should eventually go up on his website. check it out on his Brian Visits page. Oh yeah, his brother Brian is from Gainesville, Florida, and he’s chilling (literally) in Ottawa for a few weeks. He is a graduate in microbiology. Wow. Anyone with micro in their field of study is just automatically cool. Especially biology. I never took any biology courses so I naturally think anyone who understands it is the biggest genius the world has ever seen.

yooooo what’s going on today. well not much really. I’m at Catherine’s place, kind of relaxing, expecting a few calls… and relaxing. playing with the cat. messing around with the guitar. blogging. chilling. when it’s time to chill, you chill with a will. today is boxing day so I kind of wanted to stay away from the stores. Hahahahaha. Just chillin with friends, man. Friends. Gotta have friends. That’s what it’s all about. Can’t live without friends who won’t let you down, you gotta have friends.

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