yo. well we wanted to get some winter sports down but it doesn’t look like there’s much winter left. oh well. watch this space. why? i don’t know, just watch it. if you’re like me and there’s not whole lot on tv that you find interesting this christmas, then why not visit the following inspiring and hilarious websites, created by the Baha’i youth of the Ottawa area?

  • Martinsquest.com– Martin’s quest to be the phattest punk on the net.
  • Vafa.tk– Vafa’s quest to… well… put up lots of photos.
  • CARDevotional.tk – The heavily publicized (and not recently updated) CARDevotional site.

Well, dinner’s up soon. hey I got a World Community Cookbook from Tamara, for Christmas (or my birthday – whichever). They look like pretty simple and nice recipes from all over the world. There’re lots of vegetarian recipes in it, and meaty recipes too.

I’m glad to be here, to be taking some time with my family and friends – some time that really counts. Heh. Vafa and I just played some Solitaire Showdown and he beat me by one point. Bah! Well maybe if we get the chance to go out tonight with Martin and co. to play some cards I can trounce him. MUAHAHA VENGEANCE!

Lesson of the day: Lâcher prise.

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