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hello again. today is scheduled as a rainy day across the area, from Sherbrooke to Trois-Rivières. No rain yet. We’ll see. I’m hungry, so I’m not gonna blog for long, but I wanted to share some nice news with you all. I was pleasantly surprised to get a visit from Karine, one of the people I worked alongside at the SADC Arthabaska-Érable. She told me that the same project I worked on last winter was supposed to come back up for grabs this winter, and that I’m the first choice for the job, given that I have the experience and that I did an excellent job last time(well now!). So if the project does indeed get funding, I might just be able to start working in Victoriaville right after I come back from vacation. Wouldn’t THAT be sweet. I should get more news about it come December 11th. I’ll be thinking about it in the meantime. Man, it’s looking like it’s going to be impossible for me NOT to find a job around here.

Meanwhile, I dove back into a familiar area today — code maintenance. I’m taking apart the Visual Basic code that runs a little homegrown report-creation interface, to see what makes it tick. Ahhh, it feels good. It’s like coming home, taking off your shoes and socks, and dipping your feet in the little stream that runs through the town you grew up in.

Money. $$$

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