well hello

hey ladies and gentlemints. the world is somewhat back to normal today. aaargh that salad I made for lunch was kind of wierd. I’m not sure it’s sitting as well as it could. or maybe it’s just because I have a cough. oh well, whatever. as long as I don’t start puking.

my contract is wrapping up! the big old deadline is tomorrow, and so far it doesn’t look too much like there’s any encroaching disaster. all the same, I still feel stressed. There’s a lot of things I don’t know. I admire the people here at the SADC; they really seem to be quite seasoned, even-tempered, and dynamic. They adapt easily to all the quirks and random wierdness that comes up during their projects. I admire that. I want to reflect that quality. I assume it comes with experience and encouragement. I hope so.

Man I really need a steady job, a long-term one, one that’ll use my skills to the utmost. Sure, maybe I needed to try things out and play the field, in order to get myself focused — or perhaps to snap out of an adolescent stupor. But now, well, I need to really learn how this work thing works. I need to grab the job market by the horns and ride it, learn how it moves, how not to get gored, and maybe even how to get somewhere useful. I always hesitated about some of the programming jobs in my area because I wasn’t sure I wanted to work in a factory environment, or I didn’t want to work on boring or useless things. But now I’ve come to believe that any experience will be useful as long as it helps me develop my skills. Dammit I need to develop myself. If I want to be able to properly change the world, I gotta change myself, and that means developing valuable skills and qualities that make me a well-qualified and attractive worker.


Do you think I’d make a good teacher? send me a comment to encourage me.

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