I had a nice chat with Dave this evening. It’s been a while since we touched base and it was good to spend some time talking with him. I love having friends… even if they’re sea monsters named Sigmund. Anyway, I wanted to keep all of you friends (and potential friends) out there up to date on what’s going on in my vicinity. A lot of stuff is up. At the last 19-day Feast (Power), the Drummondville Baha’is got together and decided to plan out the next two months of get-togethers and events. That’s good. Over here, we have periods where we plan things at the last minute… not really convenient and can cause undue stress. So we changed that. And what’s more, someone had the brilliant idea to write up a bulletin with a list of events, so that, even if someone misses Feast, they still know what’s going on in the community. Genius! Progress, too. I like it.

Work is at a critical stage right now: on Monday, we meet with representatives of the companies who submitted proposals for our high-speed internet project. It’s getting really interesting. I think I’m even starting to get a hang of the politics involved… now THAT’s scary. What I find really interesting is learning about all the technologies involved in telecommunications: DSL, Cable modem, 802.11 wireless access, the list goes on. I should have learned all of this in my telecommunications class in university, but… argh… I don’t know. All I remember is that the book was thick, full of acronyms and boring diagrams. I mean, I learned stuff, but I was so glad just to be over with that course because it was so boring. Now I’m actually learning how these technologies get implemented, how they get put to use, and all the real-life quirks involved in working with them.

Um… what else… oh yeah, this week I visited two reserves, Wolinak and Odanak, one day after the other. It was different, to say the least. I wrote a whole bunch of stuff about it just now, but my computer crashed and I lost all my work, so you’ll just have to wait. yo.

Anyway right now, I’m waiting for some friends to come over so we can practice a MAJOR THEATRICAL PRODUCTION… so take care and I’ll write to you later.

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