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hey folks

leaving in a minute but wanted to share that everything is going alright, or more or less alright anyway 🙂 work is turning out a little less stressful than I expected because there are a lot of people around and we are sharing the work. I haven’t caught any awful diseases. I am well fed. I got some good sleep last night and I’m happy. I have been reading the Writings morning and evening and it has been doing me lots of good. right now I’m off to Sherbrooke with a salad (WITHOUT LEAFY VEGETABLES!) for a youth pot luck. tomorrow there is a 3cj meeting in Montreal and a friend who is on the committee is driving up there with me from Sherbrooke. to top it all off, ruhi 2 in drummondville on sun nite. the weather looks alright, the roads are clear, so it should be all right. I’ll make sure to drive safely.


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