pleasant news

everything, well, most everything went swimmingly today with the big auld deadline today. The package is stamped, I got a receipt with a 20 NOV 2003 stamp on it, and it’s on its way to Industy Canada in Ottawa now. What building is 300 Slater? I forget. Is it the one with the funky glass elevators that you can see from the street?

yadda yadda. I got leave to go home early today (as a reward for sending out such a nice document?) so I’m happy. I did some grocery shopping, read a bit, and now I’m on the Internet woohoo.

ANYWAY, I asked my boss about what I’m supposed to do next, and she told me that my job is subsidized until December 5th. woohoo! two more weeks of work! she also told me that I would probably be doing some Access programming, creating nice reports and debugging and so on. WOO HOO HOO HOO 😀 😀 😀 What a great birthday present… work (and get paid) up till Friday and then party on Sunday. And she also said that they might think about bringing me back for a week or two after the holidays. Fun! I guess that goes to show you that hard work (even if you think it’s, ahem, imperfect) is rewarded.

right now I’m cooking spaghetti and the spaghetti sauce seemed to be a little old — not moldy, but old and a little funky. I used it anyway, but I’m watering it down and boiling it up just in case. This is the stupid stuff you can do when you’re a bachelor cooking for yourself. You can play dice with your digestive tract. Sorry, Mom. I hope tomorrow’s entry won’t be titled “unpleasant news” with links to articles about dysentery. I spelled that right on the first try.

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