hahahahahayecch. what a nice way to wake up in the morning, with some wacked-out indigestion/runs. sad. I probably ate something that didn’t agree with me — maybe the ice cream. It’s funny; sometimes ice cream messes me up, and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends on the kind, the amount I take, and probably a few more variables like the astrological configuration of the sky and atmospheric pressure and Barbara Streisand’s telephone prefix and the atomic weight of Brian Boitano and so on. So I often overlook my lactose pills cos I just think, oh well, I’ll take the chance. And then I take the chance and get smacked. Sigh.

Well, there’s one good thing going on this morning: we’ve got snow! lots of it, falling slowly and quietly from the heavens, laying a big fuzzy white blanket on the city. I like snow. A lot. Even when I have to drive through it. There was a pretty strong snowstorm yesterday, with really high winds.

I found out that my fish are ‘platys’. I saw their cousins at the pet shop across from Jessika’s place, and then looked it up on the Internet. Platy is the common name for the species Xiphophorus maculatus. They’re orange, with little black spots on their tailfins. I have three of them, and I call them Huey, Dewey, and Louie. I sometimes forget which is which. I know I decided that Huey was the big one, because of the comic book character “Baby Huey” who happens to be really big. Then the other two are kind of similar in size so I just kinda guess. It’s funny to hear francophones try to pronounce their names, especially Huey.

Anyway, I gotta go. I’m meeting Catherine (the one from Sherbrooke, not my sister) at the Tim Horton’s and we’re going on down to Montreal for a meeting of the 3CJ. Damn I love that committee. Is it normal to enjoy service this much? I love it. We just get along so famously. I love the 3CJ to pieces!

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