attention all crumblies

hey WHAT

today I did so much stuff it’s stupendous! I:

got snow tires put on

installed deer whistles

chilled with some mormons

organized my pantry

did dishes

took a walk

gave my upstairs neighbour some jams I made


read the Bahá’í Writings

sent some email

practiced my lines for tomorrow (shhh)

now I just gotta get ready for said day tomorrow. Gotta get going at around 7:30!

hmm, I just looked up stuff on the Internet about those deer whistle things and it looks as if they may be “LARGELY INEFFECTIVE” oh well. so I blew eight bucks. but at least if a deer hits me, NO ONE CAN SAY I DIDN’T TRY.

I hope to see a whole bunch of you people tomorrow in Victoriaville 🙂

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