paint fumes

yet another day at the office. today some of the building’s windows are being replaced, and there are strange fumes coming from the site. ahh, my boss just closed the door and now it smells like roses. people around here have nice perfume. everyone’s really agreeable and pleasant here, and not hard to work with. the big boss is kind, flexible and understanding. most of the people I work with are like that actually. as well, I feel appreciated for the work I do. it’s really nice working here. I love it!

I love making money, but it’s so much nicer making money around people who you get along with.

I actually had a big professional goof-up this week, and got quite embarrassed. nobody chewed me out, though. everyone understood that it was an honest mistake, like everyone makes from time to time. the person who gave me the harshest criticism about it was me. ouch. story of my life huh? sometimes I wish there was somebody else inside my head, so that every time I say something negative to myself, I can get a second opinion. that’s what’s nice about having people to talk to, it helps you get out of your head and change your frame of mind when you get into “stinking thinking”.

time to get back to work. ciao.

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