love and life and love of life

now, I’m no expert on love and relationships. but here’s something I was thinking about that somehow seems right:

love is simple. just live your life, take care of your business, and God will set the rest up for you.

like when I worry about, oh no am I never going to find the perfect person for me, oh boo hoo, what a world, to have to live my life alone.

dude! just take today as it comes. do the next right thing for today. do what you need to do. do what you’re called to do.

the awesome thing about it is that God will set everything up for you if you just accept to work on your own square foot and leave the rest up to Him. never mind about tomorrow or yesterday. never mind about what he did or what she said. just work on yourself and strive to make yourself a little bit better one day at a time. God likes that. in other words, He’ll help you if you help yourself. cool huh? it actually does happen.

the love of my life is somewhere out there. how glad I am to know that I don’t have to worry about tearing up the earth trying to find her. it’s in God’s hands.

and of course this just happens to apply to everything else in life (finding the right job, the right home, teaching the Faith, basically making things work). I think.

boy I sound sure. let’s just say that people who sincerely struggle for answers are usually delighted to discover that they have none (or rather One).

this cryptic message will self-destruct in ten seconds.

oh and big ups to dave. you’re money.

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