the good news

hello good people of funland. I’m here to bring you the good news! I have a job and will likely have another one soon. whoa. what’s the deal?

Well, yesterday I accepted that job at the SADC Nicolet-Bécancour, and there was indeed much rejoicing. I came in to work this morning to see what was up, and to participate in a meeting with the principal movers and shakers of the project. It was quite interesting and enlightening (and confidential). I even had the bounty of going to lunch with them afterwards at a nice little restaurant in St-Grégoire – paid in full by my new employers. Hot damn! This is starting out well. I hope they’re not fattening me up to eat me. Anyway, now I have homework to do to get ready for the project, my part of which will mostly entail research and convincing nice people to give us money. Cool.

Yesterday, right after accepting said job, I got a phone call from the OTHER people I’ve been in touch with: CLIC. No, not the bean company. The language college — Centre de Langues Internationales Charpentier. I guess I impressed them when I had that interview with them; they’d like to hire me to teach people to speak English. Nice! From what I can tell, they’re a really good team, and it would be pretty cool to work there. The nice part about all this is that the SADC job is a day job from Monday to Friday, and CLIC would be evenings and possibly some weekends. So I can do both jobs (within reason of course). Plus, after the SADC job finishes (it’s a thirteen-week contract), I would have the option to expand my hours at CLIC. I’m set baby! That means that after the Christmas holidays, I can keep working at CLIC making sweet sweet cash. Ahhh, sweet, life-giving, bill-paying cash. No more huge gaps of cashlessness as I search for a job while I watch my savings dwindle to paltry amounts. Cash cash cash cash cash cash cash cash. Not Johnny Cash. CASH!

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