the stark fist of reality

I just made jam! I’m so happy when I make jam. I managed not to screw up the jam, either. the jars are sealed and everything looks hunki dori. it is a little sweet, though. I think I might have used too much sugar. making jam in the most humid month of the year is a real trip. I recommend it.

I hereby resolve never to put a glass or ceramic pot on an oven burner again. thankfully, there were no injuries except to my pride.

anyway, in other news, I got more details about the work contract I blogged about earlier: it is indeed full-time work, better paid than my last contract, and will last from September 2nd until the Christmas holidays. I should net a nice, comfortable profit from it, even after my bills are paid. the work will consist of managing a client database which is apparently real hard to understand, doing data entry, and possibly some design. If I’m lucky (and nice) I may be able to increase the database’s sanity somewhat.

Oh yes, and the work will be in Victoriaville, so it will involve a commute. Anyone who wishes may now laugh at me for moving from Victoriaville to Drummondville back in April. I’m still not moving back, though. I’m a-stayin’. Commuting? I can deal with that. Besides, I can carpool with my old supervisor, who lives in Drummondville too. (Woohoo!) In January, I should be able to find something nice, something closer to home. (And I can start looking now.)

MONEY-RELATED HAPPINESS AND JOY. POSITIVITY AND CONTENTMENT. This will be a nice challenge, and a good chance to sharpen my skills in database management.


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