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here are some pictures I scanned in yesterday. See more at http://www.9bit.qc.ca/dragfyre/images/.

A friendly game of Risk at Shameem and Elham’s place (255 Kb)
L to R: Jessika, Martin, Elham, Shameem.
The crowd at a youth devotional meeting in Ottawa (236 Kb)
L ro R: [Foreground, sitting:] Aram, Naysan, Phil, Andisheh [Foreground, standing:] Catherine, Jessika, Shameem, me, Shahrooz [Background:] Elham, Sarah, (…), Ayafor, Mike. Notice the crappy semi-moustache on our hero (me). Notice also that Shameem never really smiles in pictures… except for that one time I caught him off guard at a youth conference. Ask me for more details. I can’t remember what (…)’s name is, except that it’s a nice name and she comes from Kingston.
Mr. Drummondville (336 Kb)
That’s me, at the Mondial des Cultures. There was a TV show being recorded that day and they had a nice big sign to tell everybody exactly where they were. So, naturally…
Zea smiles. It’s good to be 7 months old (194 Kb)
Zea is my brother’s daughter. 🙂
Hangin’ with Gildor Roy (180 Kb)
L to R: me, Gildor Roy (famous québécois comedian who does shows on Radio-Canada and stuff and sings), Sylvain (a friend of mine in Drummondville). This was after Gildor’s show at the Mondial des Cultures. Sylvain and I were working behind the scenes.
But I don’t drink beer! Fooling around at my parents’ place while on vacation. Two weeks after Canada Day.
Ruhi book 2 takes a trip to Warwick (124 Kb)
L to R: Jocelyne, Sylvie, Laurent. Victoriaville’s very own Ruhi Book 2 study circle takes a trip to Warwick, out in the rolling hills and farmland. Laurent and Jocelyne are our hosts for the day-long session, which continues with a 19-day Feast celebrated in the evening. Friendship, joy and laughter abound! I ended the night with them watching the moon rise. Ooooh.

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