Here’s Emily Harris from Australia who thinks that I talk forever about stuff’n’crap. Well, yes, that’s true. She also thinks I have a crush on my friend Claire because apparently, I continuously talk about her. Hmmm, no. But I do have a crush on hats. Especially chocolate hats and hats that look like UFOs. Anyway, I find it very interesting that a complete stranger found my little old blog so captivating that she decided to put a link to it on her own blog.

Yeah Fremantle! GO DOCKERS!

Oh, what fun it is to ego-surf. 😉 Here’s a guy on who talks about the pokéname generator.

Then there’s Find The Beagles, complete with 1995-vintage PSYCHEDELIC BACKGROUND and cute photo. Trivia: the famous photo on the Find The Beagles site was taken by my aunt Jeanne at her home in Grand Bay, New Brunswick. If I remember correctly, the right-hand beagle is Lulu and the left-hand beagle is Belle. Both are related to my family’s dog, Pinky, who was herself a superstar on my website way back when.

I think it’s about time to start my day, isn’t it?

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