cleaning up and organising

the tings! I did a little reshuffling of my stuff today. I moved my stereo up one shelf on my bookshelf, and put the speakers on different shelves (since the vibrations were making the cd player skip); I put my tape/cd box on the bookshelf and shuffled some useless stuff off of it; I went to get a phone splitter so that I don’t have to switch my phone cord between the phone and the computer all the time when I want to get onto the Internet; I hooked up my two smaller speakers in the kitchen so that I can still listen to music while I’m cooking; AND… I got a 20′ stereo plug-to-stereo jack extension so that, using the other miscellaneous plugs and extensions I own, I can hook up my computer to my stereo and play mp3s over my stereo!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA. I love plugs! I LOVE PLUGS

it service as connect walkman to headphone easily when they are away some distance, enjoying it conveniently.

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