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Hey all you people. You sure are missing a lot of great fun if you’re not celebrating with us here in Drummondville. The Mondial des Cultures is in full swing and we spent yesterday evening sitting in the street, watching a parade, and dancing crazy dances with troupes from all around the world. It wasn’t exactly Rio, but it was close enough for comfort. Then we ended off the evening by blowing up the sky with fireworks. It didn’t work, so I think they’re going to try again on Sunday night. It was really nice, though. I think they even rivalled the Canada Day fireworks in Ottawa. They were certainly better than any other fireworks show that I’ve seen.

Other news items of the day?

  • I had loads of fun with Jessika’s niece and nephews. I love kids and they seem to love me 😉
  • I got a nice and pretty letter from Desjardins to tell me that I wasn’t retained for the job managing their computer clusters. They’ll keep my CV for a year, though. I always find it a good sign when a company sends out letters to tell you you weren’t retained for a certain job. It shows they have respect. Heck, the last time I got one of those, I got hired by the same company six months later 🙂
  • I got offered a job as… janitor! Which is not exactly my dream job either. But hey, it’d be better than delivering pizza. And apparently, it’s very well paid. I might just take it one night a week to make some extra cash.
  • While we were waiting for the parade, I met someone for another possible job, in a nice office downtown. Apparently they want to hire a web programmer. Which turns out just great because that’s what I do! I talked with the lead tech guy, who gave me a good idea of what they needed. It could be a really great arrangement, if it works out.
  • I CAUGHT SOMETHING THEY THREW OUT IN THE PARADE! That must be the first time I’ve caught something like that. I felt all warm and fuzzy 😉 It was a little squishy car, and I gave it to one of the kids.
  • Oh and my volunteer “bosses” at the festival (since I am a volunteer at the festival) like me a whole lot and want me to keep coming back 🙂
  • My vacation is still on. Expect me with a friend at the Ottawa Train station at around 11:30-12:00 noon on July 15th. We should be on the #33 from Montreal.

In other news, check out these cool new emoticons for use with the Chinese version of MSN Messenger (no, I don’t think they’re for real)

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